Dandelions on my lawn.

Ordinary Love

As I write this, I’m glaring at the dandelions on the front lawn. Out of all the flowers (or weeds, I suppose) dandelions are the most resilient. We’ve had three days of steady glooming drizzle and wind funneling through the streets, flattening grass and scraping patterns into the windowpanes with disorganized branches — but when…
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Stress May (not) Be Hazardous To Your Health

I had a zen moment this week when I realized that the lifestyle-wide stress I experience every day is never going to go away. Mostly it’s the little things — making sure I get up at the first alarm and shop for groceries and be sufficiently friendly and respond to emails in a timely manner.…
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I've just noticed that at least four of my blog photos involve cell phones. That's a little telling, even for me.

Phoneless: A Horror Story

The last few weeks have been long. I’ve been working in six-day stretches with extra hours tacked on to either end, standing after spells glued to my computer screen to work out the wrinkles in my spine, arriving home to slump into bed and wake up and start over. On my one off-day during Easter…
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Solving For Religion

A while ago, I figured out that the faith I talked about and the way I acted were very, very different. And I liked the way I acted much better. See, the faith I studied and talked about was a cruel faith. Hard lines and sharp angles, quick to sever, trigger-happy on prohibition. It was…
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How To Be Happy

Last fall, after my parents took me to see the film “Inside Out,” my dad grinned a little sideways at me and said, “I think you might give Sadness free rein in the control room.” I tend a little toward melancholy — a tad pensive, shaded, sad. I like rainy days, unrequited love songs and…
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