Sea Change, Take 2

I was in a wedding of a dear friend on Sunday — she was stunning, and smiling steadily. I expected to cry through the service, but I couldn’t, because I was so happy. I kept laughing. I wore red lipstick and looked good; I kept stopping in front of mirrors to smile at myself, and…
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15 Things To Do Before You’re 25

  Every year around the time of my birthday I stop for a year to take stock — see where I am, where I was last year, what I want to do or be or think about for the next year. I make a list of things I want to do this year — goals…
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Civil War-White Tent

Adjectives And Everything

I spent my weekend camping — singing and ducking smoke beside a fire, walking on dewy grass, shivering our numbing feet into a freshwater stream, watching stars appear across the sky like tiny campfires, very far away, mirroring ours. I ate extremely organic pizza — “free-range pizza,” if you will — and crashed harder in a sleeping…
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How To Not Be Racist

As I write this, I’m up north — Bemidji for a little vacation, Fargo for a few days with my new job. It’s humid, cottony — air so thick you can touch it, lakes common as mud puddles. I live in Worthington, home to me now, my things and my work and my people and…
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Pie Crust Summer

June has shuffled past in a tense, tired haze, and the summer is starting over. That’s how it seems from this side, anyway. Changes at work, changes in life, new hours and shifting sleeping patterns feel like they reset today, for some reason – like I’ve learned the ropes, and now it’s time to work…
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