15 Things To Do Before You’re 25


Every year around the time of my birthday I stop for a year to take stock — see where I am, where I was last year, what I want to do or be or think about for the next year. I make a list of things I want to do this year — goals I want to reach, experiences I want to try. Things I want to strike off the bucket list.

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 24th birthday. Some of the things on this year’s list are fun — if I get excited about it, I’ll probably knock out No. 2 within the month. (Will be looking for samplers.) Some are quite hard for me, though, and I know I’ll be more likely to finish No. 4 or No. 6 if I’ve told people I’m going to do them. So without further ado, here’s my list for the coming year:

  1. Visit a country I’ve never set foot in before.
  2. Learn how to make Baked Alaska.
  3. Get a pet, maybe. Maybe.
  4. Run a 10k.
  5. Go scuba diving.
  6. Write at least 300 words a day, five days a week, for one month.
  7. Manage investment/long-term accounts. I think by the time I’m 25 I should have the basics worked out — how to handle investments, retirement accounts — the decimal details.
  8. Practice another language. I’ve never been good at languages — I can barely speak the ones I studied in school — but the world is growing, more and more, in languages. I support language classes for schoolchildren; it’s time I applied that standard to myself.
  9. Find a better way to stay in touch with people far away. Many of the people who are important to me are quite far — across the state, across the country. Across the planet. I’d like to find a way that these people don’t slip through the cracks for me.
  10. And relatedly — be the sort of person who remembers birthdays and anniversaries. I don’t know how to be this sort of person, but I aim to find out.
  11. Read 52 books. That’s a high number, but it’s an average of one a week. Some I’ll tear through in hours; some will likely take a month. I’ve got enough books on my To Be Read list that this goal will, hopefully, make a dent in it.
  12. Learn to make several meals without recipes. Preferably some with meat — I’ve got to learn how to cook it, sometime.
  13. Keep playing music. I used to play piano & guitar and sing in a choir, but I stopped, mostly, when I started college. This year I’d like to pick it up again — whether through lessons, fresh music or something new.
  14. Go on a blind date. Admittedly, I caved to peer pressure on this one.
  15. Buy heels that I like to wear. I hear these exist — somewhere — and I aim to find them.

Year 24, bring it.

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