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Wednesday was a long day, all tension and tight corners. I walked against the wind wearing a thin coat, teeth chattering and knees knocking as the temperature dropped. I slammed into the wall of others’ inefficiency, jaw absently clenching as simple jobs stretched into grueling ordeals. I ran errands and painstakingly clicked off items on…
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Four Reasons Why You Should Vote

“I don’t think it’s worth voting this year.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard it — and honestly, I can hardly blame the sentiment. While every election year is fraught with drama and accusations, this one is definitely closer to reality TV, with accusations flung left and right and scandal lurking around…
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God And The Dishes

Sometimes I think God sits beside me on the counter as I wash dishes. It’s annoying, really. Most house-related chores are boring, of course — that’s why they’re chores — but washing dishes is the worst of them. Necessary, but not evil — it can’t be conquered, it isn’t peaceful, it doesn’t feel like success,…
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Sea Change, Take 2

I was in a wedding of a dear friend on Sunday — she was stunning, and smiling steadily. I expected to cry through the service, but I couldn’t, because I was so happy. I kept laughing. I wore red lipstick and looked good; I kept stopping in front of mirrors to smile at myself, and…
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15 Things To Do Before You’re 25

  Every year around the time of my birthday I stop for a year to take stock — see where I am, where I was last year, what I want to do or be or think about for the next year. I make a list of things I want to do this year — goals…
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