How To Not Be Racist

As I write this, I’m up north — Bemidji for a little vacation, Fargo for a few days with my new job. It’s humid, cottony — air so thick you can touch it, lakes common as mud puddles. I live in Worthington, home to me now, my things and my work and my people and…
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Pie Crust Summer

June has shuffled past in a tense, tired haze, and the summer is starting over. That’s how it seems from this side, anyway. Changes at work, changes in life, new hours and shifting sleeping patterns feel like they reset today, for some reason – like I’ve learned the ropes, and now it’s time to work…
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Ah, good old MacGyver.

Making It Work, MacGyver Style

Life has been busy lately — wash, rinse, repeat.   Last week I returned home from vacation to a sweltering apartment, all my houseplants wilting in dry soil. Each day when sunlight streams through the windows and humidity seeps into the cracks, my apartment keeps it, stores it up like a chipmunk saving for winter,…
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The tiny blue jacket is ME, how is this real

Look But Don’t Touch

A week and a half ago, my sister and I packed our bags and boarded an Amtrak train west for a much-needed vacation. We stayed in three places — Portland, Ore.; Bellingham, Wash.; and Glacier National Park in Montana — that neither of us had visited before. But I don’t want to talk about those places right…
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The Squeaky Clean Junk Drawer

I have three main stress coping mechanisms: baking, running and cleaning things. Let’s just say — over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten good use out of both my new cooling racks and my workout playlist, and my house is very, very clean. It starts with the basics — dusting, sweeping, hauling out the old…
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